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There are three major types of faucets on the market: double-lever mixers (4 in. and 8 in. faucets), Single-lever mixers (sink or clawfoot bath faucets) and thermostatic and pressure balanced faucets.

  • Simple, functional and economical, the double-lever mixer has two handles (one for hot water and one for cold water) placed on either side of a high spout.
  • Very practical, the single-lever mixer (or single-hole faucet) consists of a single lever that adjusts both the flow and temperature. You can use one hand to operate it.
  • The thermostatic faucet, for showers and bathtubs, automatically controls the water temperature. The first handle adjusts the flow and the second one sets the temperature that, once reached, is maintained despite any drop in pressure. This system is the safest, yet the most expensive.
  • The pressure balanced shower or clawfoot bathtub faucet comes with a system that keeps the temperature and flow constant when water is in use elsewhere in the house.